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A Comprehensive Guide to Speech Therapy Techniques

Effective speech therapy techniques to enhance communication skills and overcome challenges.

The History of Myopathies Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

MRC, recognized as the leading Physiotherapy Clinic in Kolkata, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals grappling with myopathies. Myopathies are a group of muscle disorders that have evolved over centuries, impacting countless lives. In this blog, we will delve into the history of myopathies, explore their symptoms and diagnosis, and shed light on […]

Why Did We Start ?

21 years back rehabilitation in India was meant only for Alcoholic or Drug addict patients. Though this medical science was very popular in USA and other countries, this new concept was not at all popular among medical professionals as well as general people. Medical Rehabilitation Center is a physiotherapy clinic in Kolkata that introduced its first rehab centre…..

Know More About Dr. M. M. Ghatak

Dr. M M Ghatak, a physical Medicine & rehab specialist, by the inspiration of Prof. Terence Kavanag, Director, Toronto Rehabilitation center, took the endeavor to start the new concept of integrated, dedicated indoor rehabilitation center for neuro – orthopedically incapable patient, in the year 2021.