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Why Indoor Rehab?

M edical Rehabilitation Center is one of the Stroke Rehabilitation Centres in Kolkata that provides Indoor Rehabilitation. It is the most effective means for paralytics and multiple disabilities. Using different gadgets and instruments like stand-in-frame, multiple exercisers, balancing board, specially made plinths, low height chairs, mats, slings, wheels, support systems, ladders, Bio-Feedback Machine, Hand gym kits, lots of evaluation kits, instruments, upgraded Electrotherapy instruments, psychotherapy and speech therapy kits, bed and bedside modifications and so many types of equipment those cannot be shifted to home

A regular check-up by the doctor (Physiatrist / Rehabilitationist) and necessary changes in programs. Controlling other medical and psychological problems by a group of qualified doctors-effectively which is associated with such conditions.


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Our Various Advantages

Medical Rehabilitation Center is one such Neuro Rehabilitation Centres in Kolkata that focuses on providing the highest standards of excellence in healthcare and we continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best possible service.

Focus on Solutions

Taking the time to fully analyze your situation in solitude, while focusing on solutions instead of problems.

Professional Team

All our doctors are highly qualified and educated and come from the biggest colleges from all around the globe.

Very Friendly Service

Treating customers with empathy and going the extra mile to meet their needs.

Affordable Prices

Get medical & rehab services at best prices.


Our Story For The Past 21 Years


The Early Years

Medical Rehabilitation Center immediately after its inauguration by some high profile dignitaries took its motion with a good number of pain-stricken and paralytic patients. This new concept was hugely accepted by Stroke, SCI, Arthritis patients of Kolkata and West Bengal. It gradually established the integrated system of neuro-ortho Rehab in medical history of Eastern India.



Medical Rehabilitation Center turned into a matured and experienced rehab technological hub. It started specialized urological rehab unit, Botox in bladder, spinal intervention, orthosis unit etc. Patient from all over Eastern India and Bangladesh flocked in and it increased its bed capacity and manpower too. Series of success stories were published in leading newspapers and journal.


Move Location

Medical Rehabilitation Center after the crisis during the covid situation has regained its full swing activities in a more vibrant way. It is technologically more sound, and effective and its experienced manpower is satisfying the patients in a better way. It is now ranked as one of the best Stroke Rehabilitation Centres in Kolkata.


Starting From a Free Consultation Tour

Here at Medical Rehabilitation Center, we plan on giving the best services possible. Anyone is allowed to take a free consultation tour of the place as we believe the patients should have a visual of where they will be treated. The tour shows the whole campus.

We always Give Our Best

Our aim is to give a pleasant environment to all patients, for their speedy recovery.

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Chief Rehab Specialist

Dr. M. M. Ghatak

MBBS, MD Cal, Incharge & Chief Consultant of Medical Rehab Center

Our Rehab Sub Specialist