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Speech Therapy in Kolkata

Why Choose Us?

Weekly Grand discussion with PMR & all rehab subspeciality for every patient, created an excellent academic & patient care model over the last 18 years.

A good number of rheumatoid and Spondyloarthropathy patients have returned to their active life after the scientific rehab process.

More than 500 bedsore surgeries and different rehab surgeries like contracture corrections tenotomy, tendon transfer etc have reduced the complications related to disability.

A few thousands of stroke patients have joined their work after taking 15days to 2months of Integrated Rehab from here.

Medical Rehabilitation Center is one of the most trusted physiotherapy centres in Kolkata as it has treated a few thousand paralytic & disabled hands have started performing skilled jobs through modern occupational and hand therapy procedures.

A few hundred chronic and severe joint & spinal pain patients benefitted from USG guided & C-ARM guided interventions.

500 acute & chronic pain patients have been excellently relieved by Laser Therapy.

More than 150,000 patients have been treated by our rehab centre in the last 21 years.


Our Popular Service

OPD Consultation

Out-Patient Department treatment refers to consultation with doctors and treatments that can be done with the doctor or medical practitioner's advice without getting admitted to the hospital.

Morning consultation

Evening consultation

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation refers to physician and therapy services you receive during a stay in a hospital.

20 Rehab beds

Comfortable homely stay

Balanced Diet, Bedside Trained attendants

Psychology Service

Recreational facilities like TV/ refreshments/ garden/ lobby & outdoor visit session

Trained co-operative nursing staff

Speech Therapy

Day Care Rehab

People who are able to attend the clinic regularly, they can avail the day care rehab program. All of our services are included in Day Care Service.

Double Session Rehab

The journey from a substance use disorder (SUD) to a healthy, sober life is not a quick and easy one. For many, it takes a lifelong commitment of dedication and hard work.

Physiotherapy (Hi-tech)

Electro Therapy

Psycho-cognitive Therapy

Music Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy


Grand discussion

3-to 4 specialist doctors with rehab technologists visit and discuss with patients once a week(for both in-patients and out-patients)


Where do you need attention?

Pain Clinic

Doctor’s Board

Low level LASER Therapy

USG guided Joint & Trigger Point Injection

C-Arm guided Spinal intervention

Diagnostics including Digital X-ray, Soft Tissue USG, NCV and Conventional

Electrotherapy (i.e UST, SWD, 9FT, TENS etc.)

Lifestyle Clinic

Spasticity Clinic

Specialised Maneuvers

Neurolysis by Botulinum Injection

Surgical interventions

Baclofen pump in selected cases

Stroke Rehab

Management of Medical Complications

Motor reeducation

Occupational & Hand Therapy Dysphagia management

Speech Therapy & Rehab


Cognitive & Behavioural therapies

Music therapy

Group functional therapies

Biofeedback therapy

Spinal Rehab

Graded exercise and training

Orthotic management

Bed sore management by LASER & Surgery

Bed sore surgery

Bladder training / CIC/ Bowel training Assisted locomotion by AFO/KAFO/HKAFO gait training

Spasticity management

Psychological rehab

Sexual rehab

Parkinsonism & Movement Disorder Unit

Doctors board

Integrated rehab with PT, OT, speech cognitive therapy

UPDRS monitoring Integrated Coordination, balance & movement therapy

General Neuro rehab Clinic

Rehab doctors clinic

Evaluation & assesment /Ms power charting Modern Scale & Monitoring instrument

Specialised neuromuscular training

Functional & ADL training / Motor skill development Hand training in hand unit by occupational therapist gait, balance & Co-ordination training

CP and Paediatric Rehabilitation

Cerebral Pasy, Developmental disorders, autism and any sort of congenital or acquired malformation in children.

Vertigo Management Investigation

Drugs & Specialised Rehab therapies

Interventional Pain Rehab

Various joint, soft tissue, neuralgic or radiculopathic pain may not respond to medicine, lifestyle change or physiotherapy. These patients many a time are suitable cases for some interventional pain treatment. A definitive area/ point is selected for USG guided or C-arm guided injection. This process gives a significant improvement in most of the patients.

Laser Treatment

Low level laser therapy is the most effective modern treatment for various soft tissue pain. Where the conventional physiotherapy fails to relieve the pain laser maybe the appropriate choice. More than 3000 cases have been tried with laser treatment in Medical Rehabilitation Center in last five years. the result is really excellent.

Surgical Rehab

Bed sore surgery

Contracture release


Tendon transfer



Critical Care Rehab

24 hrs oxygen , nebulization, suction

Coma rehab

Tracheostomy pt rehab

Cardiopulmonary critical care

Trained doctor and therapist

Urodynamic Rehab

Repeated urine, blood,USG


Bladder Botox

Medical treatment for dysnergic bladder

Uroflowmetric evaluation (outsourced)


What Our Patients Say

Here are a few clips of patients who have decided to share the stories of their experience at Medical Rehabilitation Center- Best physiotherapy centre in Kolkata. All the patients are very valiant as they decided to come up and share their stories of trauma and how they have encountered it.


Consult Your Problems With Our Physiotherapy Experts

Consulting and conveying your problems is the first step toward getting a healthier lifestyle. Consult with the best with Medical Rehabilitation Center, our experts offer the best consultation and communication services.