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A Comprehensive Guide to Speech Therapy Techniques

Effective speech therapy techniques to enhance communication skills and overcome challenges.

The Role of Physiotherapy in Relieving Chronic Pain and Improving Mobility

Learn how physiotherapy alleviates chronic pain and enhances mobility effectively. Know more about its benefits and techniques.

Benefits of Surgical Recovery with At-Home Physiotherapy in Kolkata

Experience personalized care, safe recovery, and family support right in your own home. Perfect for post-surgical rehabilitation.

Key Benefits of Electrotherapy in Physiotherapy Treatments

Electrotherapy, a revolutionary modality in the realm of physiotherapy, has been transforming the lives of patients dealing with various musculoskeletal issues. The precise application of electrical currents can work wonders in managing pain, promoting muscle rehabilitation, and enhancing blood circulation. At the Medical Rehabilitation Center in Kolkata, we’ve seen firsthand how electrotherapy offers a range […]