Know More About Dr. M. M. Ghatak

Dr. M M Ghatak, a physical Medicine & rehab specialist, by the inspiration of Prof. Terence Kavanag, Director, Toronto Rehabilitation center, took the endeavor to start the new concept of integrated, dedicated indoor rehabilitation center for neuro - orthopedically incapable patient, in the year 2021.

After completion of post graduate medical education in PMR from SSKM & IPGMER, Kolkata, he was oriented about the multidisciplinary Rehab concept at few UK & USA based rehab centers, and dreamt for such a center in India for the ailing disabled people of his motherland.


He also formed a non-profit making trust (Medical & Rehabilitation Trust) for socio medical support of poorer section of the society. He also organized a home rehab team to serve people at home. He drew attention of Government and private sector authorities regarding this new concept. Many national and international stall wards from different parts of India and world visited his center, appreciated the successful treatment and vibrant outcome. He was awarded “The best individual working for disabled” in the year 2011, was selected as ‘KOLKATA Hero’ by the leading English daily ‘Times of India’ in 2013. He worked as a member of West Bengal Medical council from 2011 to 2018. He founded ‘Spinal cord Socity of West Bengal’ a spine related specialty doctors forum in 2008. He also founded ‘National pain & Arthritis clinic’ in 2004 and ‘GNOR Clinic & wellness center’ in 2009 in Kolkata, through which thousands of people were benefitted. He along with regular clinical practice, contributed chapters and articles in different books & journals.

He wrote an international standard book ‘Spinal injury & Stroke rehabilitation’ (472pages) in 2015, where renowned Indian & USA based authors contributed chapters. From his Rehab center a quarterly publication ‘Rehab Special’ was published for a long period. He was selected faculty lecturer in different national & international forum quite a number of times.

He is blessed by thousands of patients who got back their normal rhythm of life by his scientific, sincere & sympathetic treatment. The concept he created in the eastern part of India, now is being replicated by newer such ventures by other organizations. He thus created a history in medical field by his pioneering activity on Rehabilitation.


Why Did We Start ?

21 years back rehabilitation in India was meant only for Alcoholic or Drug addict…